KOYA was established in 2018 with the vision to provide a global platform for various crafts-people and artisans.  Its mission is to provide sustainability to craft, and self-sufficiency to artisans. Koya’s main identity is its online portal which locates and houses products that are diverse in aesthetics, and genuine in quality and authenticity. Our products range from home furnishings (cushion covers, runners, tablemats) that are woven in 100% cotton, to accessories like scarves, stoles, jewellery and handmade organic soap. Koya collaborates with brands, artisans and designers to bring uniqueness and exclusivity to each of its product.


KOYA embodies heritage chic, where cultural traditions are preserved but also reinvented. There is a story to every product it promotes. We go by the motto “Building bridges, Changing lives” because we thrive in the interconnectivity of many, through people, places, culture and craft.